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ACI (Accurate Communication International) is a leading organizer and contractor of high-end international business summits and events. ACI is committed to promoting the global flow of industrial knowledge and business information, building a platform of knowledge and communication for business executives and decision makers and creating business opportunities for them. ACI helps the world's outstanding enterprises learn about and enter the China market by organizing various forms of activities. At the same time, it helps the Chinese government and enterprises to understand the overseas industry economy and creates accurate face-to-face communication opportunities for domestic and foreign high-quality enterprises and brings many cooperative projects and brand promotion opportunities to the customers.

ACI is devoted to the accurate industry communication services. We only provide efficient and targeted conference communication platformand serve you heart and soul.

ACI News

International Solid Waste Management Summit, organized by ACI Events was successfully held on September 12-14, 2018, in Shanghai.

More than 250 world leading technical experts, high level management and governmental officials participanted in the summit. Including MOHURD, ISWA, WMAM, AmCham Shanghai, China Everbright International Limited, Tus-Sound, Hangzhou Jinjiang Group, Shanghai Environment Group, Grandblue Environment, Dynagreen Environmental, Alba, Sanfeng Covanta, China Tianying, Wangneng Environment, DP Clean Tech., Beijing Enterprises Holdings Environment Technology, Capital Environment Holdings, China Conch Venture, Beijing GeoEnviron Engineering & Technology, SUEZ, BMH technology, Europlasma, etc.…

  • Solid Waste Air Pollution
    Sewage Management Environmental Remediation
  • PetroleumNatural Gas Biomass
    Energy-saving and Emission-reduction
  • Diesel EnginePowertrain
    New Energy Power Automotive Manufacturing
ACI's Values
  • Passion

    We do everything with passion, energy and confidence.

  • Integrity

    We value clear, open and honest communicationfor both the internal team and the customers.

  • Innovation

    We encourage continuous thinking and improvement to continuously improve our products and services.

  • Profession

    Each of our event planning is guided by industry experts and completed by a professional team.

ACI's Advantages

ACI is committed to building the industry's most accurate conference communication platform!

ACI partners have been devoted into the industry for nearly ten years. We have established good relations and long-term cooperation with government agencies and leading corporate executives. Each of our activities has received guidance from senior executives, government and association experts through extensive professional researches. We keep exploring the cutting-edge policy information, market trends and demands and technology trends to help industry players cope with today's escalating challenges in innovative forms. As a professional event organizer, ACI provides the richest professional content and the latest industry information to help the industry to enhance technological innovation capabilities, expand business contacts and adapt to the ever-changing market environment.

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